Every principle and truth you need to know about marketing and advertising in 100 pages

On 10-15-2014, In Resources, by Blake Houser

Free eBook Download When it comes to marketing and increasing sales, nothing will help your company more than understanding the fundamentals. Although so many get this wrong, if you get it right, sales of your product or service will soar.… Read more...

What paper is right for your company?

On 10-09-2014, In Resources, by Blake Houser

Neenah Paper, Classic crest Wove The paper you choose should be consistent throughout all your marketing collateral. For example, if your business card is an off-white color, your letterhead should be on the same colored paper. It sounds obvious, but… Read more...

IKEA’s advertising genius punches a hole in the market – with humor and innovation

On 10-09-2014, In Resources, by Blake Houser

This is too good to miss. If you’re looking to market your company, and are searching for ideas to accelerate the process with innovation, originality, and humor, check out this video. IKEA showed their innovative marketing genius when their Chief… Read more...

Covert hologram features

On 10-09-2014, In Security Printing, by Blake Houser

security hologram on the euro €50 note Covert features in a hologram are almost necessary. I say almost, because whether you use them depends on your product and industry and what you are using such features for. Obviously, if you… Read more...

What are covert and overt security printing features?

On 10-02-2014, In Resources, Security Printing, by Blake Houser

Covert security feature simplified

As you begin to research using security printing to secure your product or documents, you will hear a lot of terms being tossed around. Two terms commonly used are Covert and Overt. Similar words with opposite… Read more...
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