California Claims Law Office of Kramer & Kaslow Runs Foreclosure Scam

On 03.09.11, In Legal Industry, by Blake Houser



The attorney general of the state of California is claiming that law office Kramer and Kaslow is running a foreclosure scam, which has already suckered “thousands of California homeowners.”

The state is claiming that the law office, as well as a lengthy list of other defendants, “preys on desperate consumer homeowners facing foreclosure” by selling participation in phony “mass joinder” lawsuits and “litigation settlements,” but “No settlements exist and in some cases no lawsuit has even been filed.”

California is also claiming that the defendants send fake mailers that announce “Litigation Settlements,” informing homeowners that they can enter into “national litigation settlement” with their lender. However, “No such settlements exist and in some cases no lawsuit has even been filed.”

Kamala Harris, California’s attorney general, revealed, “Thousands of California homeowners have fallen for defendants’ scam, and defendants have exported their mass joinder scheme nationwide.”

The state also revealed that the primary defendant, Kramer & Kaslow, is managed by Philip Allen Kramer, a Los Angeles County resident and the law firm’s president, CEO and director. California claimed that Kramer, “acting alone or in concert with others, has formulated, directed, controlled, authorized, or participated in the acts and practices set forth in this complaint.”

It was also stated in the complaint that, “defendants use deceptive advertising and telemarketing to recruit consumers to join these lawsuits, at a cost of thousands of dollars each. Consumers are led to believe that joining these lawsuits will stay foreclosures, reduce their loan balances, entitle them to monetary benefits and potentially get them their homes free and clear of their mortgage.”

Blake Houser

Client Relations Manager at The Wells & Drew Companies
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