Client development activities

On 20.08.10, In Resources, by Daniel Callahan

Daily activities of client development

There is no doubt that every single day you should have a goal and meet that goal of how many forty-five second business card presentations you will complete.  The minimum should be ten a day.  Here are some ways to track your progress.  Remember anything that is not measured will not be completed!  First have an additional card fold that you carry with ten cards in the case.  Do not make the mistake of only carrying ten business cards. If you fail to have a fresh stack with you, you may miss golden opportunities if you settle for the minimum.   Another method to track your progress is to carry ten dimes with you in your right hand front pocket.  Every time you give out your business card and presentation move one dime from the right pocket to the left pocket.

Take time every day to follow up with individuals that you have had recent initial consultations with and have not agreed to work together yet.   Make two minute phone calls to folks you have met recently simply to let them know how much of a pleasure it was to meet them.  Do not be afraid to ask for or at least plant the idea of a referral from the new friend of your law firm.