Commit to continuous improvement

On 02.09.10, In Legal Marketing, by Daniel Callahan

People call me a perfectionist, but I’m not.  I’m a “rightist.”  I do something until it’s right, and then I move on to the next thing.  James Cameron.

Having an attitude of perfection has little to do with being perfect and much to do about being persistent.  Committing yourself to never ending self-improvement is a principle that most successful law firm leaders have committed to.  Building a successful law firm requires that you continually ask yourself “how do I make this better?”  A commitment to excellence requires looking to improve yourself, your firms systems and the team.

Improvement does not happen over night.  In order to be effective in improving our service to our clients we must strive to get better incrementally.  Taking it in bite sized pieces will keep the law firm consistent and in congruence with long-term growth.  Trying to change it all over night will cause grave frustration and ineffectiveness on the team.

Making the decision what to change or improve upon is an important step in the process.  A law firm like any other business must have a game plan with an action plan attached.  Simply developing ideas without manageable strategies to improve the production of the firm is useless.  Remember major improvements take time.  Be quick to implement new systems when needed and slow to abandon them!