Creating Newsletters that People Read

On 21.05.10, In Legal Marketing, by Daniel Callahan

The next step in branding and marketing for your law firm is the development of Newsletters and a mailing list.  As with every other step in the branding process it is imperative that you continue to present you and your firm as the authority on every topic or subject you decide to promote.  When people read about a topic of your expertise you want them to think about you and your firm. Here we will present the two newsletters best suited for a law firm and the contents of each.

An opt-in online newsletter is essential to develop in this e-marketing society in which we live.  First there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Invest in a simple newsletter template and email service.  Do not waste your money developing a system and server to send your e-correspondence.  Utilize a pay email service and start with a small plan then as your opt-in list grows increase the plan.  Do not buy leads for this service you will hurt your credibility and all of the SEO work you have completed on your web site.

Your newsletter should be brief and in HTML format so that your readers can view it in the email and with a simple mouse click navigate to your web site.  Do not utilize any articles with more than 300 words, limit the content to 2 or 3 articles and have a call to action for more information at the end of all articles.  Which leads us to suggest you have a contact form on each newsletter for individuals looking for more information or clarity.

As always keep your eye peeled for part two on newsletter mayhem!  All from Wells & Drew, America’s Engraver since 1855.