Nevada Brothel Owner Loses Wild Horse License but could Expand Mustang Ranch

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Atop the Storey County Court House Virginia City is a statue of the Lady of Justice without blindfolds, one of a few existing in the United States. She must have been looking out for one of the leading citizens of the county, Lance Gilman, some observers from the legal brothel industry of Nevada said.

An exclusive broker of the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center, Gilman is also the owner of two legal brothels in this small Nevada county, which have been made popular in the old “Bonanza” TV series.

On Tuesday, after heaping praises on Gilman for his countless kind gestures, such as providing holiday turkeys to loaning the Storey County School District some money, The Storey County Commission annulled his Wild Horse Ranch brothel license.

Gilman violated a county ordinance prohibiting silent ownership in the brothel industry. In 2003, he allowed the entry of a silent partner, investor Tom Gonzales, into his business.

Gonzales loaned $2.25 to Gilman but also took 5% ownership of the brothel, which was later negotiated down to 1%.

According to a legal-brothel business expert and the chairman of the Storey County Commission, the cancellation of the license may also turn out to be a big help to Gilman. Although Gilman lost his license, the ruling could have gotten him out of a sour business deal with Gonzales.

Commission Chairman Bob Kershaw said, “I think for his (Gilman’s) standpoint, it probably did (help). But we are shutting down the Wild Horse, and there is not going to be an operation there, and he is going to be losing money. This is going to cost him.”

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