Role in Farm Lawsuit Explained by University of Maryland

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The two groups that are involved in the lawsuit regarding Hudson Farm are now issuing new statements intended to win followers beyond the courtroom

The University of Maryland law school clinic, which filed a lawsuit against the farm, recently launched a website explaining its role in the case. This developed as some legislators who have complained about the role of the clinic returned to Annapolis for the year. In the meantime, Save Farm Families, a group formed to help the Hundsons with their costly legal bills, also announced new industry supporters to the cause.

The Francis King Carey School of Law Environmental Law Clinic is acting as the legal counsel to the Waterkeeper Alliance. In March of 2010, the Waterkeepers filed a federal case against Berlin farmers Alan and Kristin Hudson, claiming that their farm is ejecting poultry waste into local waterways that leads to the Chesapeake Bay.

A statement on the website of the law clinic reads, “As a public academic institution, the law school also has a responsibility to be transparent and to help the people of Maryland understand how their tax dollars are being used. This website is intended to honor that responsibility.”

Links to related court documents can also be found at their website. There are also links to news reports about the status of the case, as well as other “background material that places clinical law programs and commercial poultry chicken production in a broader context.”

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