Team Building

On 01.11.10, In Print & Design, by Daniel Callahan

Team Building

Don’t walk before me, I may not follow.

Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead.

Just walk beside me and be my friend.  –Albert Camus

Building a team to ensure you build a highly profitable law firm takes a unique type of leadership.  You must search for and locate highly qualified individuals that are apt to be part of your team.  You need leaders that know how to follow as well.  When it comes to building an outstanding law firm teamwork is essential.  Many leaders fail to realize that the firm is built by and with the team.  From start to finish bringing on qualified and proven team members is essential.  Do not fall into the trap of over managing or micro-managing the staff.

Allow your leaders to lead.  I once read of a young shepherd that had recently purchased his first sheep farm.  He bought an exceptionally trained border collie to herd his sheep.  On his first day out in the fields he commanded his new field leader to turn right in order to lead the sheep into the corral but the collie went to the left instead.  It was there that the new owner realized that the collie was anticipating the herds next move and successfully rounded the flock into the corral as was the goal of the owner!

The point is simple, hire staff members and administration that you trust, are qualified and have the ability to lead without your over management.  You walk by their side as needed and continue to utilize your strengths to build a highly profitable law firm.