What are Ethics anyway?

On 19.07.10, In Legal Industry, by Daniel Callahan

What are Ethics anyway?

The question has emerged once again recently in the Office of Congressional Ethics an independent ethics office that is led by a former federal prosecutor.  When our elected officials accept contributions from executives and lobbyists are these to be considered vote purchases?  A new ethics investigation is taking aim at lawmakers that has heads turning in Washington and Wall Street.

Eight members who accepted large contributions from financial institutions as they were debating the landmark financial regulatory bill are being investigated according to the New York Times.  The Office of Congressional Ethics has requested documents related to a series of fundraising events in December 2009 prior to the adoption of the financial overhaul Bill.  Some of these events were held days prior to the House vote.

Lawmakers from both parties are mentioned. Representative Joseph Crowley, Democrat from New York and Representative Tom Price a Republican from Georgia are mentioned.  Rep. Crowley who sits on the Ways and Means Committee, was noted as leaving the House floor during the debate to attend fund-raising event at a lobbyists Capitol Hill town house attended by financial firms and donors.  Rep. Crowley returned in time to vote.  In Rep Price’s case he netted a reported $23,000 in the two months surrounding the vote

It is expected that no action will be taken against the lawmakers involved whether the investigators recommend action or not.