What is in a business card?

On 02.08.10, In Legal Marketing, Print & Design, by Daniel Callahan

What is in a business card?  Besides your business!

They say your first impression is your only opportunity to make a great first impression!  Often the first impression is what people will remember you by.  Good, bad, or indifferent.  In building a great law firm making a solid first impression is essential.  It is imperative to always have a business card with you to pass on to a potential client or individual looking to refer folks your way.

Don’t ever miss an opportunity to spread the good news that you are the best in the business in your area of practice.  You are the expert and you better have an impressive thirty-second introduction of your law firm, area of practice and benefits of using your firm it must include handing your business card to the individual you are educating on your service.

Do not make the mistake of ordering your cards from a discount printer.  Take the time and spend the extra few bucks to have a professionally designed logo that will brand you and your firm. It’s worth every penny.  Utilize a classy and professional business card that matches your stationery and screams to the recipient, “this firm is exceptional”.  Anything less is a loss of a great opportunity to gain a new client.