Action equals results

On 24.06.10, In Legal Marketing, by Daniel Callahan

Client development requires action.  Action from the ground up, proactive client development requires understanding what to do and what not to do when it comes to building a credible law firm.  Attracting potential clients to your law firm is the number one goal in developing a client base.  Treating your clients professionally, and enthusiastically will enhance your firm’s reputation, assist in branding your firm and lead to client generated referrals.

Once again communication can be a make or break for your client attorney relationship.  Leaving a client guessing at what has occurred during a scheduled court appearance, deposition or other client related matter is unacceptable.  Most of us today in the business world utilize a Blackberry or I-Phone PDA style cellular device.  A quick text or phone message to your assistant to update your office on the outcome of these meetings is essential.  Once your office has some information to pass along they should immediately contact the client to communicate this vital information.

Don’t simply allow this opportunity for client relations pass you by.  Having a proactive communication policy makes your law firm stand far above the others.  A short follow-up telephone by an assistant should then be made.  The assistant should inform the client that the meeting has ended, offer an abbreviated outcome statement and notification on when the attorney will be available to meet or communicate directly with them.

Utilizing this method will keep a clients fear and tension to a minimum and catapult your law firm’s reputation far above the rest.  It is quite simple if you want the best for your firm do what the other firms will not!  Client communication equals client referrals.  Client referrals equals lower marketing expenses, lower expenses equals increased ROI.