Advertising Management

On 09.11.10, In Resources, by Daniel Callahan

Advertising management comes down to one thing on the Internet when you are focused on the champions spot in search engine rankings, “Content Management”!   If you want to succeed on the Internet you need to have a game plan for adding relevant and pertinent content on a daily basis.  This must be a high priority task on your daily activities to do list.  If you choose to hire a writer or intern you must have your administration manager or office manager ensure that the information is being posted on a daily basis and is acceptable to your standards of writing.

At the very least insist on one new relevant article per employee.  Have a monthly contest in the firm as well.  “Lunch with the Leader” maybe the “Leaders Club Luncheon”.  Reward the most consistent writer in the firm, the best article of the month and when choosing your employee of the month or the partner of the month put a high value to their monthly content contributions.  If you focus on content they will get the picture.  Every once in a while drop a $50 gift card on the desk of an over achiever for their content contribution!