5 Ways to Kill a Good Design

On 03-25-2013, In Resources, by kristin

5 Ways to kill a Good Design

When creating a design you want it to show who you are as a company. With out words it should explain to the customer what your business is and what you can do… Read more...

Print is dead, or is it?

On 03-24-2013, In Resources, by kristin

In the fast passed world today technology is taking over. Between the internet and other technological advances , such as e-books, the need for print is running out. Or is it? The convenience and portability of carrying a paper book… Read more...

The Art and Science of Brand Design

On 03-23-2013, In Resources, by kristin

As a business your brand is a must, you could be a small business or a huge global corporation but your logo is how customers will remember you. It is your companies identity.  You goal with creating a logo is… Read more...

National Stationery Show

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The National Stationery Show is on its 67 annual year bring people together to a large marketplace for social stationery and related lifestyle products. Over 800 designers and manufactures of stationery gather together on this day to show their own… Read more...

Readership in Print vs. Digital

On 05-23-2011, In Resources, by kristin

We choose Print!

The majority of readers prefer print over digital. Readers feel that printed media is easier to read than digital. Readers feel much more comfortable having something on paper than on a digital screen. As humans we associate… Read more...

Engraving Inks

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Staying green with Engraving Inks

Print customer’s are now becoming very interested in ways to stay green. From the choice of environmentally friendly paper, such as cotton paper, to the choice of  inks.  Engraving inks are becoming very popular, they… Read more...