A New State Law Declare Sparklers Legal

A New State Law Declare Sparklers Legal


A state law that will take effect on December 1 will make sparklers finally legal. This developed after the state of Arizona passed a law that allowed the use of sparklers during occasions like a birthday party.

However, the law is very specific as to the coverage of the use of sparklers and apparently, there are some areas in the state that is not covered by the law.

This is part of the compromise agreement with the pyrotechnic industry, who agreed not to sell sparklers in cities that opted to be excluded from the coverage of the new state law. Explicit provisions of the law gives authority for each incorporated community the power to implement local bans on the use of sparklers.

The City Council of Tempe, for instance, have unanimously voted last month to declare the use of sparklers illegal. Anyone who gets caught using sparklers within the city will be fined up to $250. The City Council of Tempe undertook this action after public safety officials expressed their great concern about letting the residents handle such items. They believe that at some point, it has the potential of causing physical injuries or fire damage.

Other cities, like Mesa, took on a modified path. While it does have an ordinance that declares illegal the use of sparklers, specific provisions of their ordinance also allow their usage two weeks before, and during, the Fourth of July. Residents can also use sparklers during New Year’s Day.