Argent Media Search Marketing Agency Established by Local SEO Industry Expert in Dallas

Argent Media Search Marketing Agency Established by Local SEO Industry Expert in Dallas



Chris Silver Smith, one of the leading search engine optimization experts in the world and a pioneer in the more dedicated practice of Local SEO, has founded in the Dallas Forth Worth Metroplex area a search marketing agency. Argent Media was established by Smith as an elite and personalized Internet marketing agency in Dallas after years of working for a couple of other internationally famous SEM agencies like NetConcepts, which was since acquired by Covario, and KeyRelevance.

Argent Media offers search engine optimization consulting, particularly specializing in Local search engine optimization or SEO, which centers its attention on obtaining higher rankings in local search results, like those in Google Place Search, Google Maps, Yahoo! Local and Bing Maps.

According to Smith, Local Search Optimization is in fact a small order of magnitude which is more complex compared to the simpler regular search engine optimization.

Smith said that this is “because, Local SEO incorporates all the ranking factors which figure into keyword search rankings, and then adds a number of other criteria including business addresses, locational domain names, business pinpoint geocoordinates, business classification systems or taxonomy, user generated reviews, geolocation of the searcher, and more!”

He also said, “Straightforward search engine optimization involves over two hundred ranking factors used by Google and other search engines — for Local SEO, the addition of local variables drives this number up even higher.”

Smith should know because he once was the head of the technology department for Verizon’s, one of the top yellow pages directories in the Internet. He was also responsible for setting up their state-of-the-art local SEO structure, which still gives them with profitable rankings on thousands of geography and industry term combinations.