Augmented Reality Printing: What is it?

Augmented Reality Printing: What is it?

Augmented Reality (AR) Printing is unlimited in its scope and is bounded only by the human imagination.

Historically, with conventional printing and publishing, what you saw was what you got. The paper and ink world of conveying information was static. AR printing transforms the printed page into a virtual “touch screen” that allows unlimited information to be accessed, by scanning the printed page with your smartphone or tablet.

How does Augmented Reality Printing work?

AR Printing acts as a “gateway” between the printed page and digital information. This “gateway” is accessed by the user scanning the printed piece with their smartphone or tablet. On the consumers end, its similar to a QR code, only you don’t see an ugly QR code. But it’s on the backend where AR printing really shines! It provides detailed information to the company about the user that scanned it and can be used to engage prospects or customers. This information is the key to creating brand loyalty and increasing sales.

How will Augmented Reality Printing help business owners increase revenue?

Imagine that the owner of a Real Estate business sends a direct mail piece that invites the recipients to scan the mailer to view all of the best deals in the market. The Real Estate company can then track the recipients who scanned the direct mail piece, upload all of that data to their Customer Relations Management system (CRM), and then have their sales people contact the recipients who scanned the direct mail piece.

By utilizing Augmented Reality Printing, businesses will be able to significantly increase the number of leads they can generate, and in turn increase the number of sales that the leads provide. The win-win scenario for business owners and consumers alike is the value of the AR Printing interface, which will pay for itself through increased sales, and thus, increased profits.

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