Cap on the Trucking Industry Proposed

Cap on the Trucking Industry Proposed



A limit in size and weight of semi trucks, as well as the driver hours-of-service, is being sought by advocates for the purpose of making the roads a little bit safer. Highlighting their push for reform on interstate trucking-law with narrations of families who were torn apart by trucking accidents, they are asking Congress to strengthen trucking laws to lessen the risk of road mishaps caused by trucks.

According to the chairwoman of Citizens for Reliable and Safe Highways, Joan Claybrook, every year approximately 4,000 people are killed and around 100,000 more have suffered injuries in semi-truck accidents.

If passed, the proposed Safe highways and Infrastructure Protection Act would limit the size and weight of semi trucks, as prohibit big rigs that are deemed overweight to operate, well as establish an enforcement program for federal weight and size restrictions.

The bill was introduced by Sen. Frank Lautenberg, a Democrat from New Jersey, and Rep. Jim McGovern, also a Democrat from Massachusetts. They said that the proposed bill will prevent the wear-and-tear caused by heavy trucks on federal roadways. The bill also seeks to help preserve the safety gains that current rules were able to achieve.

Furthermore, truck drivers’ union and safety advocates are asking authorities to crack down on fatigued truck drivers. Under the law, semi drivers are governed by the Federal Motor Carrier Saftey Administration (FMCSA), and the rules directing the keeping of records on logbooks and cap on the hours-of-service that a driver can perform his duties.