Cobb Reacts to Signing of Georgia’s Immigration Bill

Cobb Reacts to Signing of Georgia’s Immigration Bill



The signing into law by Gov. Nathan Deal of a tough immigration in Georgia was met with a variety of reactions in Cobb. The responses fell mostly along party lines, with the Republicans supporting it, while Democrats criticizing the action. Some portions of the new immigration law will take effect on July 1.

Tim Lee, a Republican and Cobb Board of Commissioners Chairman, applauded the governor’s move. He said, “I’m glad he’s moving forward. It’s a good bill, and I’m glad he’s doing it.”

Cobb Mayor Steve Tumlin also said that he is pleased that Gov. Deal signed the law. He said, “I think it’s something that should have been done. Just the state’s way of augmenting what the federal government should do to regulate the law.”

Tumlin also said that he does not believe that the measure will have a negative impact on the tourism industry of Georgia because the new law is not as “heavy handed” compared to that of Arizona. I think this was modified to be a lot fairer, but rigorous to uphold the law. I just don’t see it as something that will hurt our tourism,” said Tumlin.”

D.A. King, a resident of Northeast Cobb and founder of the Dustin Inman Society, an organization that promotes the enforcement of immigration laws, said that he was grateful to Gov. Deal, Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers, and state Rep. Matt Ramsey.

Senator Chip Rogers is a Republican from Woodstock, while state Rep. Matt Ramsey, is a Republican from Peachtree City and the author of the legislation.