Consultancy Dalziel & Pow Working with A Retailer in South Africa – Mr Price

Consultancy Dalziel & Pow Working with A Retailer in South Africa – Mr Price



Mr. Price, a South African retail group benefits from Dalziel & Pow, since the latter is the one working on their brand new store concepts and identity.

The three retail chains of Mr Price namely: sport, apparel and homeware, shall be the ones to enjoy the new concepts created by Dalziel & Pow.

It was in October 2010 that Dalziel & Pow got appointed to work on the project, due to their tough credentials. Mr Price has more than 800 branches all over South Africa.

Dalziel & Pow will be creating new concepts for the three main areas, and would also be making a fresh and novel brand idea for the retail chain. They would also be creating new signage, packaging, and also better graphic communications.

David Wright, Dalziel & Pow’s marketing director said that, “It’s a large business and there’s a lot of affinity for it in themarket, but the competition is becoming stronger in terms of local competition and international imports – the challenge was how to move on.”

According to Dalziel & Pow, there would be variations that would give unique identity to every arm of the business, and at the same time, strengthen the common identity of the brand.

Mr Price would be focusing on a “casual and fun attitude” for its apparel arm, and would be focusing on creating an “informal relaxed approach to home furnishings” for its homeware arm.

On November, in Johannesburg, there would be three Mr Price stores that shall open, which would be the first ones to carry out the new concept.