Copy Machine vs. State of Florida

Copy Machine vs. State of Florida

Florida Citizens Scammed for Millions

Recently the State of Florida was fraudulently misrepresented by an individual using a copy machine. A condensed version of the scam: when one signs up on to incorporate a new business in Florida, the information becomes a public record. This fraudster collected the names of thousands of people incorporating and sent them simple black/white letters produced on a copy machine stating:

“You have one step left to receive your certificate” – at which point filers were directed to mail a check for $54.47 “to finalize incorporation.” This was false, and the scammer made several million dollars in a few months.

Could you, or your clients, fall into the same trap?

There’s no such thing as eliminating fraud, but you can greatly reduce it by using common sense. First, whenever you receive a document which lacks verifiable, distinguishing features… confirm its validity before acting upon it! To protect your clients and customers, use watermarked papers and printing techniques which cannot easily, and anonymously, be faked. Ensuring your professional documents are hard to duplicate is basic due diligence and discourages counterfeit communications.

Making your documents more secure is not expensive, eliminates risk and can save money in the long run.

*** You can view the document sent out by this suspect by clicking here. As you can tell, it was extremely easy to produce and should have aroused immediate suspicion. If your important communications are entirely “generic desktop printing” or purely digital, you’re taking needless risk.

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