Dispensaries in California Moving to Stop Government Crackdown on Marijuana

Dispensaries in California Moving to Stop Government Crackdown on Marijuana



Medical marijuana industry lawyers revealed on Monday that they are considering seeking legal action to stop a threatened crackdown by the federal government on marijuana growers, marijuana dispensaries and their landlords.

Marijuana distributors and several medical patients will attempt to ask federal judges in four districts through legal motions their lawyers will file on Tuesday to issue temporary restraining orders against federal prosecutors to stop them from taking any further action. This was revealed by lawyers and an industry lobbyist in a news conference held Monday.

One of the lawyers, Matthew Kumin, said, “The government’s irrational policy has reached a breaking point. The federal government said it will not prosecute patients, and yet they want to shut off their supply. This doesn’t make sense.”

Although use of marijuana for medical purposes is allowed in California and a couple of other states, it remains to be illegal under federal laws. According to federal prosecutors and drug agents, beneath the mask of meeting medical needs, much of the burgeoning marijuana industry in the state of California is engaged in large-scale illegal sales.

Since late September, letters have been sent out by prosecutors warning several dispensaries to close shop or face serious criminal or civil charges, including a likely seizure of their landlord’s property. Those who received the letters were allowed 45 days to stop illegal sales, a period that will end on Saturday.

According to Mr. Kumin, if a restraining order is not immediately granted by the federal judges, some dispensaries will have to close shop.