Engraving Inks

Engraving Inks

Staying green with Engraving Inks

Print customer’s are now becoming very interested in ways to stay green. From the choice of environmentally friendly paper, such as cotton paper, to the choice of  inks.  Engraving inks are becoming very popular, they are as green as it gets in printing. Choosing to use engraving on cotton paper is not just an environmentally friendly choice but a high quality look in printing.

What is engraving?

The basic process is to engrave the image on a metal plate, such as copper or steel. Then to  apply ink to the plate. The plate is then wiped clean  so the ink only remains in the engraved lines. Using an engraving press the plate is then pressed onto paper to produce a print of the image. Using engraving give a very distinct, attractive look.

Why is engraving better for the environment than basic solvent-based inks?

The most common form of ink used in printing are solvent-based. They containing high levels of VOCs, which have been linked to ozone depletion and air pollution. During the de-inking processes used to recycle printed paper there have been problems using paper that have solvent-based inks used on them. Engraving inks are relatively easy to de-ink, keeping the “green” process easier.

Keep green..

Keeping green and following the environmentally friendly road ahead of you, for both business and personal printing. Engraving on cotton paper is a great look, very attractive and professional.