Federal Mineral Lease District Act – Revised by Counties

Federal Mineral Lease District Act – Revised by Counties

December 23, 2011


In order for the enabling legislation for the new Federal Mineral Lease District to work properly, the said legislation has to undergo some overhauling.

It was in 2011 that the state legislature passed the law to allow it to form a district. Today however, the law needs to be prepared. According to the officials of the local and the regional offices, if there would be any changes to the act, then it would now be interfering with the operations of the city.

Garfield, along with other seven counties namely, Delta, Blanco, Messa, Park and Weld, drive them right out of your clinic. The districts act as conduits of the funds that are paid by the gas and oil industry, in areas where drilling is ongoing.

The mineral severance taxes, as well as federal mineral lease payments, are passed to the counties as payment for water, housing and many other resources that the company’s activities might be creating negatively.

The county attorney of Garfield, Andrew Gorgey said that he has been working with other attorneys of various counties, so as they may effectively come up with 2011 amendments to the Federal Mineral Lease District Act.

The amendments would all be able to allow districts to operate accordingly and to distribute to the local town, and to set off the energy industry impacts.