If you really want to “Go Green”, Use Engraving

If you really want to “Go Green”, Use Engraving

If you really want to “Go Green”, Use Engraving

Law Firms that make “Going Green” a priority are realizing that not only are the results great for the environment, they’re also good for the bottom line. Environmental responsibility has reached such unprecedented heights in the educated consumer’s decision-making process.  Lower energy costs, less waste, and invaluable goodwill among customers means potential repeat business and referrals!

If you really want to “Go Green” consider Engraving as your preferred printing methodology.

What is Engraving and why is it environmentally friendly?  An engraving die is utilized to create a cavity in the environmentally friendly paper. The ink is then applied to the die, settling in the cavity. The paper is pressed into the cavity raising the surface of the paper. The ink adheres to the raised surface creating three-dimensional distinctive look that only engraving can produce.  The engraving process is the preferred method for environmentally friendly consumers because of the exclusion of harmful bonding chemicals that are traditionally utilized in printing.

The additional expense is made up by the value Engraving brings to your Law Firm!

Price is only an issue in the absence of value.  The additional expense of engraving is easily overcome by the increased professional appearance, environmental friendly reputation and referrals by Green friendly customer’s, remember good customers bring good customers.  Typically, friendships and colleagues are from the same socio-economic status.  Therefore a client on a $50,000 retainer refers more clients with the ability to pay $50,000 retainers.

“Go Green” Go for Engraving!