GOP Criticizes Action On Health Care Law

GOP Criticizes Action On Health Care Law



The administration of Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton is being criticized by a group of GOP legislators for what they refer to as its “go-it-alone” method to building a pillar of the federal health care act.

The criticism of the GOP comes days after the Minnesota Department of Commerce made known that it is getting federal funds to design the health-insurance exchange of Minnesota, which is a key provision of the health care act.

States are required by the federal act to have insurance exchanges in service by 2014. Under the federal act, millions of Americans, particularly small businesses and individuals, would utilize the exchanges to evaluate coverage and get hold of subsidies to buy insurance.

But according to a Mayo Clinic law expert, the federal act offers a small number of guides on how the states must design the exchanges.

In addition, policymakers differ on what path the exchanges should take and how restrictive

And policymakers disagree on what shape the exchanges should take, and how restrictive these exchanges should be.

One of the legislators very vocal in his criticism of the Dayton administration is Rep. Steve Gottwalt, a Republican from St. Cloud. In a press release Tuesday, Gottwalt, along with other Republican legislators, said that the administration of Gov. Dayton is establishing the exchange without their participation.

Gottwalt, in the press release, said, “We call on Governor Dayton to stop building an Obamacare exchange behind closed doors.” He also said that the exchange would have an impact on the entire health care industry, and required “a broader conversation than just announcing you’re moving ahead.”