Graduates Lashes Out at Thomas Jefferson School of Law

Graduates Lashes Out at Thomas Jefferson School of Law



The graduates of the Thomas Jefferson School of Law, in a class action, allege that “for more than 15 years, TJSL has churned out law school graduates, many of whom have little or no hope of working as attorneys at any point in their careers,” and they also say that, “the school lures in new meat by misrepresenting the employment and salary records of its graduates.”

Anna Alaburda, a named plaintiff in the case, said, “TJSL’s average student indebtedness, more than $135,000, is among the highest in the nation. And its Bar passage is consistently lower than 50%, well below the average in California.”

The lengthy complaint, which was filed in the Superior Court, cited a January 8 article in the New York Times, which revealed that 95% of the students of the Thomas Jefferson law school graduate with debt, the highest debt rate in the country.

Alaburda says that the article tipped her off to the “fraudulent practices” of Thomas Jefferson School of Law. She graduated in 2008 from the law school with more than $150,000 in debt, some of which have interest rates of over 8%.

Alaburda also said she graduated with honors and has passed the California Bar Exam, but has not been able to find full-time employment as a lawyer. She believes she was lured to the school by its false statements that over 80% of its graduates found full-time jobs less than a year after they graduated.

However, Alaburda said that most of the companies she sent her resumes to informed her that they do not hire TJSL graduates and that the reputation of the law school in the legal industry is way below average.