Groups Ask Obama to Use ‘Any Legal Means’ to Stop Fracking

Groups Ask Obama to Use ‘Any Legal Means’ to Stop Fracking



President Barack Obama is being pressed by a coalition of environmental groups to use every means necessary to stop the controversial extraction method of natural gas, which is known as “hydraulic fracturing.”

The goal of the environmental coalition is far beyond the current posture of the administration, which actively supports expanded gas development while conducting a study on hydraulic fracturing through separate efforts of the Energy Department and Environmental Protection Agency.

But the letter of the green advocates to Obama Monday, however, signals that the environmental activists will continue to put public pressure on the White House concerning the matter.

The Monday letter from Greenpeace, Center for Biological Diversity, Public Citizen, and many other national and regional groups, states, “On behalf of Americans who live in every U.S. state and territory, we urge you employ any legal means to put a halt to hydraulic fracturing (‘fracking’).”

It also stated that fracturing is “a highly controversial and dangerous method of ‘natural’ gas exploration” and that the current efforts of the EPA and the Energy Department are not enough to address the practice, which green groups say could lead to widespread contamination of drinking water.

The letter also called on the public to support the efforts of environmental advocates in pressuring the government to stop fracking “until and unless the environmental and health impacts of this process are well understood and the public is adequately protected.”

The natural-gas industry is saying that the allegations of contaminations are inaccurate. They also said that their drillers are using essential safeguards when employing the practice. Fracking involves injecting at a high-pressure certain chemicals, water and sand to break up rock formations to allow trapped gas to flow to the surface.