Handling by Harkin Staff of Senate Witness was OK According to Lawyers

Handling by Harkin Staff of Senate Witness was OK According to Lawyers



Doubts have been raised on whether the staff at the office of Sen. Tom Harkin inappropriately coached a witness in a Senate committee; however, legal minds say that the witness’ handling was routine.

Sen. Harkin denied any wrongdoing. The witness also said that he was not asked by Harkin or his staff to lie, but rather coached him on how to respond in a brief manner to the questions using the information that he had previously given to Harkin’s staff.

Legal scholars are one in their belief that the senator or his staff did not cross the ethical boundaries, which includes asking the witness to lie.

Harkin revealed that the examination is part of the covert attempts made by for-profit colleges to disrupt his efforts to hold back the $30 billion that the federal government gives to them every year.

According to Harkin, “Once again, the for-profit college industry and their hired guns are pulling out all the stops to protect their $30 billion in taxpayer dollars by distracting from the troubling findings of the HELP Committee’s oversight investigation.”

Senator Harkin is the chairman of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, otherwise known as HELP.

A lot of for-profit colleges have been charging students tens of thousands of dollars every year in tuition, a staggering amount said to be worth more than what is being charged in public community colleges and universities. Added to this, the graduation percentages of these for-profit colleges are low, while their student loan default ratio are high. This was according to legal documents and reports that have been assembled by the committee.