How to Choose a Name for Your Law Firm

How to Choose a Name for Your Law Firm

Even though some attorneys think it is obligatory to have all of the partners or at least the founding partners names rooted in their law firms’ title.  That idea is quickly fading.The vast majority of the NLJ top 100 law firms in the country,utilize a name of 3 or less. Which makes there ROI in marketing much higher. Its very hard for prospective clients to relate to or remember a law firm name with 4 or more names. Choosing a name that is short, to the point, memorable, and will be consistent with your choice of a website domain name and your particular practice area is the most effective method.

Surely, Cardino, Cardino, Schwarz, Fitzpatrick, and Mazza may make everyone at the firm feel good.  But for marketing your firm it is a nightmare.

When choosing a name you may want to consider these factors.  Surname, target market,practice area, domain availability and compatibility.And the basics will have to be researched as well.Searching the   name in your State and any other States that you plan to practice in for the prospective or similar names to ensure there are no conflicts or potential infringements.

Today more than sixty percent of all people searching for a business choose the internet to search. Spending some time choose a solid well thought out domain is essential and time well spent.  Therefore before you sink the money into offices, computers, furnishings, etc. think it all through.  Set up a solid business plan that takes into account marketing. There has to be a sufficient marketing plan for client acquisition.  Without a marketing strategy that begins with your firms name you do not have the potential for a growing practice.

3 Major Musts For Choosing Your Firms Name

The three major musts for you firm’s name require that they be short, are memorable and can be utilized in your domain name for you firms website.   Here is a way to shorten up and make it more memorable in one swoop.  Consider a firm in Austin Texas, The Law offices of Vic Feazall, P.C.  Domain name;  But notice this, there are at least four partners, how would this sound?   Feazell, Tighe, Johnson and Schwartz, Attorneys at Law.

Lets look at the fictitious group cited earlier of Cardino, Cardino, Schwarz, Fitzpatrick, and Mazza.  For our example this group practices in the area of personal injury particularly in automoble accidents.  Lets name the firm, Cardino & Associates or Cardino & Cardino with a domain name of     Here we have shortned the name, given an identity to the practice for search engine optimization, branding and a easily memorable name.

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