Lawyers say that Medical Marijuana Law in Colorado is a Good Example for Michigan

Lawyers say that Medical Marijuana Law in Colorado is a Good Example for Michigan

7/2/ 2011


Lawyers who met on Mackinac Island last weekend to discuss one of Michigan’s most contentious issues say that the state should look to Colorado and start getting more involved in medical marijuana by regulating the industry and allowing commercial growers.

Members of the criminal law division of the State Bar of Michigan are planning to submit their recommendations to the annual meeting of the State Bar in September.

According to Ken Malkin, a Bay City attorney and the chairman of the criminal law section, the primary goal is to get the state Legislature to make considerable changes without infringing upon the medical marijuana law that was approved by the voters in 2008.

Just this week, Malkin said, “You’ve got all these people planting little gardens all over. Who knows what people are getting? There is no quality control. It creates a black market.”

Last weekend, around 50 people, including lawyers, judges, as well as prosecutors, met and listened to Warren Edson, a Denver attorney who specializes in establishing medical marijuana centers in the state of Colorado.

For over 10 years now, medical marijuana has been legal in Colorado. This coming July 1, several dozens of rules will take effect there, which will regulate the sale of marijuana at commercial businesses. The rules cover a lot of ground, from taxes and food that can contain marijuana to labeling, video surveillance and disposal.

Malkin said that they are very impressed with the development in Colorado.

In the state of Michigan, marijuana can be used to ease the pain brought about by symptoms of particular illnesses if the patient goes to the doctors and gets a card issued by the state.