Leaders in Two Camden Cities Getting Cautious on Internet Cafés Business Licenses

Leaders in Two Camden Cities Getting Cautious on Internet Cafés Business Licenses



The issuance of licenses to cafés that operate Internet sweepstakes was under a moratorium. This was implemented by their local leaders due to the gray areas that surround the legality of running Internet sweepstakes.

These Internet cafes are those that provide online casino-style games. There are many gray areas when it comes to this type of business, which is also why lawmakers in the state of Georgia did their best to make it clear to the public that such an establishment was illegal in reference to Senate Bill 19. Aside from Georgia, other states that are also doing their best to deal with these establishments, one good example of which is Florida.

In May however, Governor Nathan Deal said that he did not believe that SB19 provides clearly on the enforcement powers of the bill that would warrant Internet cafes to be shut down. He also said that he was looking forward to being able to sign a legislation that would be more explicit in addressing this issue.

Last year, Players Connection was given a business license by St. Mary’s. It was a business that offered Internet sweepstakes games to patrons, owned by Marla Dietrich. The business sold Tel-Connect phone cards that contain these sweepstakes points. These points could either be redeemed or not upon the customer’s discretion, at the computer terminals of the establishment.

According to Dietrich, the sweepstakes was Player Connection’s way to attract customers and to promote its business.