Legal Accelerator Product (LAP) Intranet Launched by Project Leadership Associates

Legal Accelerator Product (LAP) Intranet Launched by Project Leadership Associates


The largest independent business and technology consultancy to serve the US legal industry, Project Leadership Associates, announced today the triumphant introduction of the Legal Accelerator Product (LAP) Intranet, which is envisioned to increase productivity and bring forth competitive gains to medium-size law firms.

The LAP platform is conceived to show real-time performance data through easy to read dashboards and reports, which will enable practice group managers to arrive at better resolutions, allow an improved delivery of client work product, as well as increase the process efficiency.

According to the Executive Vice President of Project Leadership Associates, Dan Safran, “This is the first of a series of products that builds on our investment to enhance software technology for the legal market, part of our commitment to leadership in the legal field, at a time when midsize law firms are looking for ways to provide more secure, efficient and valuable services to their clients.”

The best thing about LAP Intranet is that it delivers the advantages made possible by existing technology that is in place at large firms to medium-size firms at a very affordable price. In fact, the Executive Director and CFO of one of the first law firms to utilize LAP Intranet, Angela Hickey of Levenfeld Pearlstein (LP), said, “We are able to leverage cost savings and lower risk—through better management of matters in real time via dynamic LAP Intranet graphical dashboards.”

The collaborative tools of the LAP Intranet enables users to update information in an efficient manner and at the same time, avoid bottlenecks that could otherwise delay their work. Bryan Schwartz, Levenfeld Pearlstein Managing Partner in closing said, “LP lawyers are all about working in teams. We have been searching for a platform that focuses on collaboration. LAP Intranet gives us that.”