Maritime Injury Law Firm Based in Houston Unveils Enhanced Website

Maritime Injury Law Firm Based in Houston Unveils Enhanced Website



An enhanced and expanded website was launched by Arnold & Itkin LLP, a maritime injury law firm based in Houston, to help and assist offshore workers on the Gulf Coast get compensation for the injuries they suffered while working in a maritime job.

The website will function as a resource center for the Gulf Coast’s seamen, longshoremen, harbor and shipyard workers, as well as other maritime workers, with queries about maritime laws and their legal rights.

According to Houston maritime accident attorney Kurt Arnold, “We are thrilled to enrich our online capabilities for workers in the Gulf Coast’s maritime industry.” He is a partner of Arnold & Itkin, which has a wide experience in maritime injury cases. He also said, “Offshore work is a dangerous profession, and people deserve to have the most up-to-date information right at their fingertips.”

The enhanced website offers comprehensive information about maritime law in a contemporary, clean, and user-friendly format.

The site of the law firm now feature an expanded information of federal laws that are designed to protect offshore workers, links to pages on maritime law categorized in the type of offshore worker, and video presentations that explain aspects of maritime law to visitors.

The website also details the successes of Arnold & Itkin in representing clients in maritime injury cases.

Jason Itkin, a Houston maritime injury lawyer and a partner in the law firm, said, “The video format is particularly exciting because it is a special way for injured victims and families to learn about the law.” He also said, “Offshore workers hire attorneys when they are feeling most vulnerable.”

“We hope that getting their information interactively, rather than only reading about it, helps eliminate some of the fears they might have about making claims against their employers,” said Itkin.