Marketers under 35 Embrace Direct Mail

Marketers under 35 Embrace Direct Mail

Is direct mail part of your firm’s multi-channel marketing strategy?

direct marketingAccording to a recent survey conducted by Pitney Bowes and marketing research firm Vision Critical, at least 40 percent of those responding say that direct mail is a key element in the marketing mix for their products and services.

More surprising, perhaps, is that marketers under the age of 35 are more likely than any other age group to embrace direct mail as an effective marketing tool.

Other findings from the survey conducted from among 500 marketers (men and women who identify products and services that consumers want, as well as how to market them):

  • Among the multiple marketing channels available, email is the most widely used (58%), followed by direct mail (41%), social media (34%), mobile marketing (12%) and quick response (QR) codes (7%).
  • Younger marketers are more inclined to make use of direct mail (57%) than their counterparts in the 35-54 age bracket or those aged 55 and older.

Experts suggest that the high use of direct mail reflects a greater number of small- and medium-sized business owners in their early thirties.  Direct mail offers an effective (and less costly) alternative to more expensive digital marketing channels.

The survey also indicates that significant numbers of younger marketers continue to assess the best options for direct mail as part of their marketing mix.  But clearly, direct mail is still a high-performing resource in their marketing toolbox.

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(Thanks to our friends at Print in the Mix for drawing the Pitney Bowes survey to our attention.)