National Stationery Show

National Stationery Show

The National Stationery Show is on its 67 annual year bring people together to a large marketplace for social stationery and related lifestyle products. Over 800 designers and manufactures of stationery gather together on this day to show their own customer designed stationery products. The National Stationery Show takes place each year in New York during the month of May. Over 11,000 buyers from all over the world come to the National Stationery Show each year to see the newest stationery products available to make big purchases.

Products Sold

The National Stationery Show takes pride in its diverse product mix offering all varieties of stationery to buyer both big and small. However it is not only stationery sold here, you can also find gift wrap and ribbon, specialty party supplies, paper tableware, bridal accessories, decorative home office products, and back-to-school products. You will even be able to find luxury leather goods at the national Stationery Show. Paper-crafting supplies, frames, journals, calendars, specialty giftware and scrapbooking supplies will be on display for show and purchase. Many big buyers will be on the look out for the latest customized and personalized products, as well as in-store printing equipment when attending the National Stationery Show. In the year 2013 The National Stationery Show is introducing a new product mix as well. Now buyers will be able to find Museumix, Officeworks and Seasonalstyle products.

Visiting The National Stationery Show

You can be one of the tens of thousands of people who visits the National Stationery Show to purchase products to stock your businesses shelves as well as to view the latest trends. The national Stationery Show will help to keep your business up on what is new and keep the latest products on your shelves, allowing you to offer customers the best products available today.