New York Race Tracks Soon to Have Legal Blackjack Card Games

New York Race Tracks Soon to Have Legal Blackjack Card Games



New York State politicians, for the first time, are considering permitting poker and blackjack card games in the state’s racetracks.

According to gambling news reports, racetracks such as the Saratoga Casino and Raceway may soon turn into mini-casinos. The proposal’s supporters see no other means of making revenues for the cash-strapped state.

Nearly 20% of the residents in New York City opted to remain jobless and live in government subsidized housing. They are also fed, clothed, and sometimes even bathed, by the state.

According to some observers, because of the Obama administration’s approach to the economy, the stock market has dropped more rapidly than the price of welfare cheese. Because of this, the state was not able to receive the expected tax dollars from Wall Street this year.

Without a new revenue source, the situation appears pretty bleak. Governor Andrew Cuomo said that the solution to the problem must be quickly found, and because all other options have long been exhausted, gambling seem to be all that is left.

Only the legalization and taxation of blackjack games will generate enough cash for the state’s coffers to prevent social services recipients from rioting.

According to a state congressional aide who requested that his name not be revealed, “These people may all be disabled according to doctors, but if their benefits get cut off, their health will improve enough to riot, loot, rob and pillage on par with Olympic Athletes.”

The New York Gaming Association has revealed that around $3-$5 billion are being spent each year by New York City residents on casino table games and none of that money is being taxed.

The estimated $2 billion in additional tax revenues from blackjack card games will guarantee that the state will stay solvent for a few more decades.