Oklahoma Assistant District Attorneys Are Now Allowed to Carry Guns

Oklahoma Assistant District Attorneys Are Now Allowed to Carry Guns


Oklahoma – Assistant district attorneys are now allowed to carry guns due to the threats and danger that their job entails. Before, only judges and district attorneys were allowed to carry guns even in courtrooms. The law that granted them said right was further extended, and this House Bill 2552 will be effective November 1. Assistant district attorneys will be allowed to carry guns in the courtroom, provided that these district attorneys receive a state-certified training, and have the permission from the district attorney.

The new law came to life as a protection for assistant district attorneys who are prosecuting dangerous individuals in court. According to Trent Baggett, the acting executive director of the District Attorneys Association, the assistant district attorneys often receive threats. Although Baggett said that not all offenders are considered dangerous, still when these happen, the situation can be considered as a really dangerous one.

Sheriff John Whetsel, Oklahoma County Sheriff, welcomes House Bill 2552, and said that the courthouse could be a little safer.

Attorney Greg Mashburn, Cleveland County District Attorney, has offered 24 of his prosecutors the chance to avail of the state-certified training. Half of the numbers took the offer. Mashburn would still be discussing things with the prosecutors and with the County Sheriff on how to effectively carry out the new law.