Print Media Is At The Top Of The List of Wealthy Americans

Print Media Is At The Top Of The List of Wealthy Americans

In a survey conducted by Ipsos Mendelsohn on how wealthy Americans utilize conventional and new types of media, it was found out that “there is no denying that traditional outlets are thriving in the lives of consumers today,” and that these conventional types of media “form the core of how most consumers interact with media.”

This globally-known research firm said that “this is true for the general population, and it is even true among the affluent Americans, even though they have the discretionary income to indulge in an array of devices, as well as the digital literacy to get the most out of them.”

The survey was conducted during spring of 2011, between March and May. Online interviews were conducted, which numbered to more than 1,000. Respondents were those who were making $100,000 or more, in their annual household incomes. According to Ipsos, the respondents were “the 20% of Americans who account for about 60% of U.S. income and approximately 70% of U.S. net worth.”


Below was the result of the survey:


All Affluent Individuals


93% read hardcopy magazines

Less than 1/3 read on computers

More than 10% use no other format (tablets, e-readers, smartphones)


86% read print

39% read on computers

14% read using smartphones


94% watch TVs using their televisions

23% watch on computers


94% view websites using their computers

32% view them using smartphones



Affluents from 18-34 years of age

Younger generations tend to adapt to new technology and media platforms, yet the survey found that they are also consuming media through traditional means. The results are as follows:


88% read in print

35% read online

25% use tablets

17% read from their smartphones


70% read in print

54% read on computers

34% read using tablets

27% read using smartphoens


94% watch TV shows on TV

35% watch from their computers


93% view websites from their computers

54% use tablets

38% use smartphones

The results of the survey indicated that among the various types of media, majority still turn to traditional ones like newspapers and magazines in print, viewing websites through computers and watching TV shows through TV.




Source:  AdAge, Wanna Get Rich? Read Print Media: Death of Traditional Outlets Has Been Greatly Exaggerated, August 1, 2011.