Push for Privacy Will Make an Impact on the Geolocation Sector

Push for Privacy Will Make an Impact on the Geolocation Sector


Companies that collect and use, as well as distribute geolocation data will most likely be affected by efforts aiming to protect privacy of consumers on the Internet, according to Kevin D. Pomfret of LeClairRyan law firm. Because of this, businesses must make it a point to educate various governmental agencies like the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), as well as Congress, on what location-based technologies really do and the huge potential of said industry. Pomfret also said that companies engaged in this type of business must start identifying and also protecting the data that they utilize which is most likely to be associated with an individual.

There are now privacy related initiatives that are in Washington in order to address geolocation. Some of these are the “Best Practices Act of 2010”, a bill by Rep. Bobby Rush. Other similar legislations are to be expected. A report by an FTC staff stated that geolocation information, due to its sensitivity, deserves protection. The Department of Commerce likewise issued a similar report on the same stand.

Pomfret also noted that smartphones and GPS location-aware devices are now collecting a lot of data with regards to the whereabouts of individuals, which actually poses privacy risks due to the availability of much detail. Pomfret said that, “Clearly, location is becoming an increasingly important component of our daily lives.” He further added that there is an existence of legitimate privacy concerns.

“While it is an exciting time for geolocation firms, with new applications and business models being developed as location technology becomes mainstream, the industry can expect greater scrutiny as it matures and becomes successful,” said Pomfret in his statement.