Rambus v. Infineon

Rambus v. Infineon


Rambus filed lawsuits against six semiconductor firms for allegedly copying their technology. The multiple suits were filed late Wednesday in a Northern District of California court. The respondents of the lawsuits were Broadcom, Freescale, LSI, MediaTek, NVIDIA, and STMicro.

Rambus alleged that the respondents copied its patented technology for DDR and GDDR memory. Rambus also claimed that the respondents also copied the patents that it bought from Velio Communications in 2003. These include common connection standards like DisplayPort, PCI Express, SAS, and SATA.

The lawsuits filed by Rambus are regarded as ironic since the founder of Velio Communications, William Dally, is presently working at NVIDIA. Rambus has actually targeted NVIDIA in the past over some patent claims. The company that gave GeForce to the world is, in fact, still facing legal action despite the amicable settlements it entered into.

In addition to the lawsuits it filed, Rambus also submitted a request to the International Trade Commission to ban the import of any devices that has its patented technology. These would include cellphones, hard drives, routers and set-top boxes. Some of NVIDIA’s graphics technology would most likely be included in the ban.

Many of the complaints filed at the ITC are submitted in the hope of getting an early decision on patent validity to prevent it from becoming an issue in a prolonged trial. The other reason is to force the respondent to agree to a settlement.