Readership in Print vs. Digital

Readership in Print vs. Digital

We choose Print!

The majority of readers prefer print over digital. Readers feel that printed media is easier to read than digital. Readers feel much more comfortable having something on paper than on a digital screen. As humans we associate things that we can touch and feel as things that are real rather than something glowing on a screen.

We choose Digital!

Not all readers prefer print over digital, there are some who are more interested in what digital media has to offer them. The fast speed of the internet providing us with news and other information in just seconds keeps us coming back for more.

Print or Digital in the work place?

With the advances in technology a lot of companies are going paperless but some employees are not happy with this. Having a paperless office is looked at as a time consuming hassle. Employees feel safer having their work and important documents in print, protecting from a technological meltdown. Employee preference is not the only reason why working in a paperless company will not work. Government regulations and guidelines require some types of business to keep a print hard copy in their records. Print will always remain in daily business until regulations change and accept digital record keeping.

Digital isn’t the only way for a business to be “green”.

There are many ways that businesses are going green while still keeping in print, avoiding going digital.
Most consumers are concerned with the environment. Many companies’ commitment to the environment  choose to use “green” products and cutting back on wastes. Companies’ are choosing to go with outsourced printing, this is a cost-efficient way to be green and stay in print.

Print is far from extinction

Readers often think that digital is a danger of replacing print. It’s not likely that digital will ever be able to completely replace print. The future developments in digital technology should not affect the print market to the point of extinction. Although the print market should expect a change as a result of digital technology. Print will remain the primary source of textual information for our future.

Print will never die.