Record Wave of Anti-Abortion Laws Enacted by the State

Record Wave of Anti-Abortion Laws Enacted by the State



Abortion opponents in five other states, inspired by a controversial law in Nebraska, have won the passage of measures seeking to ban virtually all abortions after 5 months of pregnancy.

The late-term prohibition, which is based on the argument that fetuses at that stage can already feel pain, are among the record wave of over 80 restrictions with the objective of minimizing access to abortion. All of these measures were passed this year in different state legislatures. Other measures involve expanding the pre-abortion counseling requirements, prohibit abortion coverage in new insurance exchanges, and subject the numerous abortion clinics to newer and tougher regulations.

With only a couple legislatures that are still in session, each side in the debate on abortion are evaluating what the new laws’ potential impact is. It may not actually decrease the number of abortions in the United States, which as 1.2 million every year at the last count. However, this has made anti-abortion activists to be bolder in their cause. At the same time, it has angered those who provide for abortion, and will very likely make it hard for women who were affected by the bans.

According to Peter Brownlie, the head of the Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri, “In almost every instance at the late stage, something has gone terribly wrong with what typically was a very wanted pregnancy.” He further said that they see parents who are in anguish because of certain medical conditions and the cruel laws simply doubled or tripled the anguish.

Kansas is among the 5 states, the other four were Idaho, Alabama, Oklahoma and Indiana, that enacted bans on abortion this year.