Research: Legal Content Service is Ideal Way to Counter Piracy

Research: Legal Content Service is Ideal Way to Counter Piracy


The BDRC Continental research suggested that the best way to combat piracy is to establish a whole lot more legal content services. They must offer better and legal ways in order for users to gain access to media content. Micropayment systems and streaming are among the ways suggested.

The conference of the Media Research group held in Malta, heard of the study presented by James Myring, director of Media and Internet Research.

Myring said that, “If piracy is to be reduced, it can’t be through threats and sanctioning. Carrot and stick need to work together.”

According to Myring, due to the availability of legitimate alternatives like Spotify, and other streaming sites, piracy was reduced, as shown by their research. Content owners favor streaming sites since they do not lose control of their pieces. The thought that all their content is in the cloud is really pleasing.

Myring further added that, “Users get annoyed by having on-demand stuff taken down after a week. They want content whenever and wherever they are. It’s reasons like this that prompt some to download illegally. The industry has much to do.”

The research defined four types of cyber pirates. One is the  super-pirate, next is the casual pirate, the 3rd is the second-hand pirate, and the 4th one is the unwitting pirate. With the super-pirate considered as the most cunning of them all having known deep IT knowledge.