Sale of Motorcycles on Sundays Could Soon Be Legal in Pennsylvania

Sale of Motorcycles on Sundays Could Soon Be Legal in Pennsylvania



A law that prohibits the sale of motorcycles during Sundays could be removed, which would also pave the way for motorcycle dealers to earn from customers who have been crossing state lines for more than 25 years just to buy motorcycles on Sunday.

Bryan Perry, the owner of Appalachian Harley-Davidson in Mechanicsburg, supports the repeal of the law, which banned the selling during Sundays of vehicles and motorcycles.

Introduced by state Sen. Robert Tomlinson, a Republican from Bucks, Senate Bill 419 seeks to amend the 1983 law by allowing motorcycles to be sold during Sundays. However, the bill does not include the sale of cars and trucks on Sundays.

The proposed measure has sailed through the House Professional Licensure Committee and is now headed for the House for a vote.

Perry, along with other motorcycle dealers, said that they have been lobbying for the repeal for years of the no-sale Sunday law. At present, motorcycle dealers can only sell parts and merchandise on Sundays.

Losing motorcycle sales to other states has affected businesses located near the border and has also limited the state’s sales tax income.

After the overwhelming passage of the measure earlier this year in the state Senate, Tomlinson, in a statement, said, that his bill will help keep motorcycle sales in the state. In the past, New York and Delaware allowed for Sunday sales of motorcycles. But last year, both New Jersey and certain counties in Maryland began permitting Sunday sales,” he said.

Consumers based in the southeast section of Pennsylvania, as a result, travel out of state to buy their bikes instead of heading for the local dealers.

Tomlinson, said, “My legislation would help Pennsylvania dealers compete with stores in other states and increase their sales.”