Should Your Company Invest In A Mobile App?

Should Your Company Invest In A Mobile App?

This is the question I asked to Inreact, a digital marketing company owned by Osiris and Ann Nunez, who are experts at what unnamedthey do. Ann is the marketing and design pro and Osiris is the programming guru.

Should Your Company Invest In A Mobile App?
Answer: With over 40% of total web traffic going through a smartphone or tablet, and set to overtake PC usage by 2020, I’d say the answer is a definite “yes.” Now given that mobile is extremely popular with over 75% of US web users having a mobile device, it’d only make sense for businesses to have as strong a mobile presence as possible: in the browser as well as the app drawer.

Coupled with a mobile-ready responsive website, a mobile app offers a faster, deeper and more intuitive experience for the customer.

Is it worth it for a mid size company to create an app?
Answer: Absolutely. Mobile apps not only increase brand loyalty, but offer the ability to simplify business workflow in a user-friendly format. Imagine a law firm’s mobile app: they’d have sections for contact information, the firm’s history, as well as attorney profiles. These are things that can be easily achieved with a proper mobile website.

Unlike a website, this firm’s app unnamed(1)will also have intake forms, document/image submission, message history and appointment reminders.

Imagine having all the customer’s experience routed through your mobile app. It simplifies your workflow and your customer will enjoy the entire process because it’s in a simple and familiar environment.

What are the top 5 mistakes you see companies doing when creating apps?

1. Not implementing the design language of the device’s operating system.
iPhone apps should not look like Android apps. It creates a dissonant experience for the customer and they’ll be less likely to engage in the app.

2. Regurgitating your website.
If your mobile app doesn’t add anything that your website already accomplishes, then you’re just wasting your customer’s precious bandwidth.

3. Slowness.
Nothing frustrates today’s customer more than having to wait for an app to open or load a section. These are magical devices and customers expect nothing less.

4. Improper usage of notifications.
Too many notifications – and that’s a guaranteed uninstall. Too few notifications – and you’re missing out on an amazing and proven user engagement tool.

5. An ugly icon.
Nobody wants an eyesore in their home screen. Take the time to design an attractive icon that users will be proud to tap on.

If you’re ready to get your business in front of millions of mobile customers, contact Inreact today at or 855-4-INREACT. They’ll analyze your situation and provide you with options best suited for your business and budget.