Significant Growth and Expansion Revealed By Mindcrest in its Report

Significant Growth and Expansion Revealed By Mindcrest in its Report



Significant growth, expansion, as well as focused offerings in antitrust review and IP litigation has been revealed by Mindcrest in its report. The firm is a leader and pioneer in legal services outsourcing.

Mindcrest Inc this summer celebrated its 10th anniversary. The firm, as the first LPO, has played an active and important part in the development of the LPO industry. From very modest beginnings, Mindcrest has now become synonymous with value and quality to its clients.

Benchmarks in the LPO and legal professions are many. These include size, growth, cost savings, revenue, technological capabilities, flexible pricing models and client retention.

George Hefferan, the Senior vice President International and General Counsel, in a statement, said, “Our experience and capabilities make us the market leader in pure play legal services outsourcing. This is all we do and we focus and being the best at these core services. We focus on building deep, long-term relationships with our clients.”

He also said, “By being true to ourselves and to our clients and remaining focused on just the LPO business, we have been able to earn the trust and allegiance of our law firm and corporate clients.”

The firm regards 2011 as its banner year. It enjoyed a significant increase in its revenues compared to the same period in 2010. In addition, its client mix has also evolved to include major law firms in the United States.

Mindcrest also announced the expansion of the firm’s business development team with the entry of Gregory Spicer as Senior Vice-President for Business Development.

The firm has also announced that it has developed focused service offerings the areas of antitrust review and IP litigation as part of its efforts to serve its clients better.