Small Businesses Use “Ideal Marketing Mix” to Reach Customers

Small Businesses Use “Ideal Marketing Mix” to Reach Customers

marketing mixA survey conducted earlier this year by Pitney Bowes tracked the attitudes of small and medium-sized businesses towards the use of several marketing tactics, including social media, email, direct mail, advertising, QR codes and mobile.

Of the 500 business owners polled in an online survey, 76 percent agree that the ideal marketing mix is a combination of traditional and digital communications.

Respondents most often use email (68%), followed by advertising (60%), with social media (50%) and direct mail (44%) almost neck-to-neck.  Social media has become the new “hot” channel used by small business owners, with 20% of those surveyed just beginning to use it, followed by mobile marketing (12%).

A similar survey conducted by email marketing software firm Constant Contact found the use of social media surpassing direct mail among small businesses.  Respondents said they most often used Facebook, rating it the most effective of any venue.

The newest tool to enter the marketing mix is Quick Response (QR) codes.  Among the Pitney Bowes respondents actively using QR codes, 45% use them on their business cards and 44% integrate them in their direct mail efforts.

As these results indicate, business owners continue to employ a multi-channel strategy to better serve the needs of their wide range of customers.

“Small business owners are increasingly challenged to effectively communicate with their customers and prospects in ways they want to be reached,” noted Debra Thompson-Van, Vice President, Marketing, Pitney Bowes.  “However, they need tools that are easy to implement and more information on to use them to help build their business.”

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(Thanks to our friends at Print in the Mix for drawing the Pitney Bowes survey to our attention.)