Telecommunications Company Offers Call Centre and Recording for Legal Reasons

Telecommunications Company Offers Call Centre and Recording for Legal Reasons


A telecommunications company, TDS Telecommunications Corp, has added a Call Recording and Call Centre service to its blend of communications solutions in order to meet the increasing requirements of local business customers.

In order for them to achieve this, the company will team up with industry leaders like Telrex and Broadsoft to handle the services of its TDS manageIP system.

TDS has seen the increasing demand for call center and call recording services in recent years. Due to legal reasons or industry mandates, a lot of businesses at present were required to record calls. On the other hand, businesses with call centers choose to record calls mainly to improve customer service, that way they can monitor product or service complaints and make the necessary improvements. Other reasons given by businesses in having call centers are to teach their own employees, and to record different transactions, to make it easier to view history records pertaining to a certain customer, product, or employee.

The solutions offered by TDS include recording both incoming and outgoing calls. They also offer to record all calls, or simply either just the external or just the internal calls. If businesses so choose, they could also record calls that happen on a specific time of day, or base it on an incoming caller ID. Call queuing is also supported by TDS, along with having a system to adapt to both small-scale and large-scale businesses.