The Art and Science of Brand Design

The Art and Science of Brand Design

As a business your brand is a must, you could be a small business or a huge global corporation but your logo is how customers will remember you. It is your companies identity.  You goal with creating a logo is to create a visual masterpiece for the customer to connect with your business.

What defines a good logo?

There are a few key factors in creating a good logo. You must use elements like images, fronts and  simple coloring in a calm yet eye catching combination. Your logo should represent what your business is, it must stand for something within your business. You need a strong logo that will not be easily forgotten in time. You want your logo to be one of a kind, distinct. Your logo must be able to set your business apart from all other competitors in your line of business, to show the customer’s that you are number one and no competitors will beat you.  Your logo should say “remember me” to your perspective customers.

Will my new logo be a success?

It is hard to determine the effectiveness of a logo until it has been created and viewed by customers for some time.  However it can still be possible to tell if a new logo design will be successful threw market research. Getting a public opinion will give a better idea on how customers will respond to your companies new image. Using the public’s opinion will help your company decide wither or not to launch the new logo or to keep it on the drawing board to find that simple yet eye catching logo that will draw customers to your business like bug’s to a light.

Who should I choose as a logo designer?

Your new logo design will be what determines the brand image of your business, it is very important to look carefully into selecting a logo designer. The designer should be creative with a lot of experienced in designing complicated logos. He must also be able to take your ideas and create the logo  to fit perfectly with your companies existing image.

 The Simplicity of Brand Design

The point in a band design is to make your business identifiable to customers in a simple yet creative way.  Simplicity is the key in a successful design, just look at fortune 500 logos. Less is more when designing a logo.