The Center for Justice and Democracy and New York Law School Forms a Partnership

The Center for Justice and Democracy and New York Law School Forms a Partnership



The Center for Justice and Democracy (CJ&D) and New York Law School (NYLS) formed a partnership which will begin on the fall of the 2011 semester. While this partnership is ongoing, the CJ&D will be called as Center for Justice and Democracy at New York Law School.

Having its new headquarters at the NYLS, the CJ&D will continue work independently as the sole consumer organization on a national scale level that is dedicated exclusively in protecting the civil justice system. Hundreds of white paper, studies, fact sheets, and many other documents pertaining to civil justice issues were released by the CJ&D. It also helped organize a lot of press events that advocated consumer rights and patients’. The CJ&D also presented testimonies before the state legislature and Congress. At the NYLS, a new 2-semester learning course, which is project-based, was established by the CJ&D. The project is called Civil Justice Through the Courts, and it would hire NYLS students externs exclusively over the entire academic year, as well as over the summer.

According to Richard A. Matasar, NYLS Dean and President, “New York Law School’s motto, ‘Learn law. Take action’, encompasses our goal of connecting the practice of law with the academic world. We are looking forward to the numerous ways that our affiliation with CJ&D will stimulate us to think about the problems of civil justice and provide opportunities for our students to connect to lawyers in the field.”

At present, those who are enrolled in the course Civil Justice Through the Courts, which is taught by Prof. Joyce Saltalamachia, are already benefiting from the partnership that was formed. The topics covered include medical malpractice litigation protection, federal regulations, product safety litigation strategies, and other contemporary civil litigation areas. Team-based projects are espoused and students get to work on preparing advocacy papers for the consumer rights community and the CJ&D. They also prepare policy papers to be presented to the Congress.

According to Executive Director Of CJ&D, Joanne Doroshow, “We are thrilled and delighted to enter into this partnership with New York Law School.”